My work explores urbanism, development, and our surrounding built-environment. They invoke serenity and stillness in otherwise hectic environments; moments to reflect and recharge before continuing our busy lives.

Many of my pictures start with quiet Sunday walks, taking pictures around whichever city I happen to be in. I then edit out all the people, cars, garbage, and other signs of human life. My end goal when creating images is to make them as still and serene as possible, even a little surreal. Otherwise busy spots end up as silent and devoid of life; they feel much like a memory after waking up from a dream.

My PORTAL series stems from the geometry I often focus on while shooting. Some images never felt complete, so I began superimposing my own geometric overlays to balance or respond to natural and human made features. They also relate to the dreamlike qualities I invoke; they are in a way “portals” to other illusory states and speak to escapism, serenity and stillness.




  • Palm Springs Art Museum-Palm Desert: Artists Council Exhibition 2019
    Juried Exhibition, Palm Desert, CA - November 2019
    Juror: Daniela Quintanar, Curator, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles, CA

  • ShockBoxx Gallery: Size Matters
    Juried Exhibition, Hermosa Beach, CA - November 2019
    Juror: Leah Perrino, Founder, Asymmetric Magazine, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2018 Co-Op: Tiny Art of Texas
    Juried Exhibition, San Marcos, TX - November 2019
    Jurors: 218 Co-Op Member/Owners, San Marcos, TX

  • Brand 47th Annual Works on Paper
    Juried Exhibition, Glendale, CA - September-October 2019
    Juror: Alma Ruiz, Sr Fellow, Sotheby’s Institute of Art/Claremont Univ, Claremont, CA

  • Axis Gallery: 14th National Juried Exhibition
    Juried Exhibition, Sacramento, NY - August 2019
    Juror: Amy Owen, Curator, di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art, Napa, CA

  • b.j. spoke gallery: Paperworks 2019
    Juried Exhibition, Huntington, NY - August 2019
    Juror: Hillary Reder, Curatorial Asst, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

  • 2019 LA Artcore Juried Exhibition
    Third Place Winner
    Juried Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA - July 2019
    Juror: Jill Moniz, The Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA

  • WEST Austin Studio Tour
    Austin, TX - May 2019
    Invited Guest of The Commune

  • SFASU School of Art: Texas National Competition & Exhibition 2019
    Juried Exhibition, Nacogdoches, TX - April-June 2019
    Juror: Michelle White, Sr Curator, The Menil Collection, Houston, TX

  • City of Frisco: Art in the Atrium 18
    Juried Exhibition, Frisco, TX - March-September 2019
    Juror: Public Art Board, City of Frisco, TX

  • Assistance League of Houston Celebrates Texas Art
    Juried Exhibition, Houston, TX - January-March 2019
    Juror: Jennie Goldstein, Asst Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

  • EAST Austin Studio Tour
    Austin, TX - November 2018

  • Due EAST Group Exhibition
    Big Medium, Austin, TX - November 2018


  • Allegory Ridge - Print Issue 02, Spring/Summer 2018



I’m honored to have be an invited guest of The Commune for this year’s West Austin Studio Tour.